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Check out this page for the latest info on known issues.
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Known Issues

Windows:  Game crashes on startup (assert – glGenBuffers_ptr != 0)

Waking Mars requires certain OpenGL extensions to run properly on Windows machines. Most graphics hardware from the past 5 years support these extensions, but you may need to update your drivers.  Check your hardware manufacturer’s website for the latest drivers.
If your drivers are up to date and the game still doesn’t run, you might be using currently unsupported video hardware. We’re working on a fix for this so older Windows machines can play the game too! Sorry for the inconvenience!


MacBook Pro Retina Display – Fullscreen doesn’t work properly

We’re working on properly supporting the Macbook Pro Retina Display, but until we do, you’ll need to change your UserSettings.ini file to run the game in Windowed mode.  See “Changing Screen Resolution” below for more information on how to do this.


Linux – Game shows up on multi-monitor display stretched across the two displays and is unplayable.

Try running the application via the command: ‘SDL_VIDEO_FULLSCREEN_DISPLAY=0 wakingmars’
 You may also need to set your resolution manually in UserSettings.ini.  See below for more information.  Make sure you set autodetectres to false and then set the resolution_x and resolution_y parameters to match that of your primary display.


Linux — Game locks up; no controls or movement, but music still plays.

Solution: Replace the bundled OpenAL libraries with those available at this link:
1) Download oal14.tar.gz to a known location (the remainder of these instructions assume ‘~/Downloads/’).
2) Locate your Waking Mars installation, and ‘cd’ to the ‘wakingmars/lib/’ directory.
If installed via .deb:
cd /opt/wakingmars/lib/
If installed via ‘install’ script in .tar.gz:
cd /usr/local/games/wakingmars/lib
Otherwise, if running from extracted .tar.gz (where /path/to is the location):
cd /path/to/wakingmars/lib
3) Remove the existing bundled files.
sudo rm libopenal*
4) Extract the contents of oal14.tar.gz into ‘wakingmars/lib/’.
tar -xvzf ~/Downloads/oal14.tar.gz


Gameplay – The Signal Chamber quest seems broken!  Help!

If you exit the game while the sentient visualizer is active, you can get stuck in a state where the game tells you to “investigate the mysterious signal”, but standing on the platform with the egg-shaped rock has no effect.  There is a simple solution, however — if you delete the save file associated with that level, you will be able to restart the conversation that triggers the visualizer. To find the save game, find the folder associated with UserSettings.ini (see the “Changing Screen Resolution” section below for info on how to do this) and then find the file that looks like S0_Level_SignalChamber.mars and delete it. (Don’t forget to back up your directory first to be safe!)
NOTE: If you’re on iOS and you encounter this issue, you can fix it by using free third party software ( to navigate onto your device and delete the signal chamber save file.


Mac (Mountain Lion 10.8+) – I unlocked the game on Steam but my save game is missing!

The Steam version of the game doesn’t use Sandboxing for save data.  You can easily retrieve your old save game by manually copying the existing data from the Sandbox location to the new save location.  Look for your old save directory at
~/Library/containers/com.tigerstylegames.wakingmars-pc/Data/Library/Application Support/Waking Mars
And copy the contents of that folder to a new folder at this location:
~/Library/Application Support/Waking Mars


Changing Screen Resolution

If you’re having problems with screen resolution, and you are unable to change your settings in game, you can try changing the UserSettings.ini file, which can be found in the following location:
Mac (10.8+): ~/Library/containers/com.tigerstylegames.wakingmars-pc/Data/Library/Application Support/Waking Mars
Mac (10.6-10.8) ~/Library/Application Support/Waking Mars
Windows Vista/7 <your user folder>/Saved Games/Waking Mars
Windows XP <the folder the game is installed to>/SaveData
Linux If it exists, {XDG_DATA_HOME}/WakingMars, otherwise, ~/.local/share/WakingMars
In UserSettings.ini, you can change the contents of the section called [display] to change your screen resolution, toggle windowed mode, and so on.
If you’re unable to run successfully in fullscreen, try changing fullscreen to false, autodetectres to false, and set the resolution to your liking.


Windows – Game doesn’t save progress

If you install a non-Steam version of the game on Windows, sometimes saving will fail due to an issue with folder/file permissions. Find the folder that contains your save data (see the “Changing Screen Resolution” section above for how to do this) and make sure that the folder and every file inside of it has its file permissions set to “full control”.
If you need help setting permissions, follow the directions in this article